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Construction Site Dumpster Rental: Key Things To Look For

If you plan to complete a construction project, it's a good idea to rent a dumpster so that you have a designated place to put discarded materials like bricks and concrete. You just need to make sure this dumpster rental offers a couple of things.

Quick Drop-Off Services

You may have a tight deadline for a construction project. You thus need to get a rental dumpster delivered to your construction site quickly. Fortunately, a lot of rental suppliers can provide rapid delivery services.

As soon as you find a dumpster type and size to rent for construction operations, the supplier can send over a driver to the appropriate drop-off area. Make sure you have a crew that's ready to accept this dumpster so that there aren't any delays in this rental process with a supplier.

Construction-Specific Design

Throwing away construction materials is a lot different than residential trash removal projects. The materials are often bigger and heavier for instance. It's thus key that you find a dumpster rental that's specifically designed for construction.

Then you know its design/makeup will be durable enough to support whatever type of materials you plan to throw away inside the dumpster. The walls may be reinforced too, which gives you added confidence throughout a construction project. A lot of rental suppliers have construction-specific dumpsters too that you can rent for however long you want. You just need to confirm this design before renting.

Appropriate Height

One of the more important physical attributes of a rental dumpster for construction operations is its height. How tall does this dumpster need to be? This can vary on a couple of things, including the materials you plan to throw away inside the dumpster and how you plan to dispose of them.

For instance, if you plan to throw materials over the side manually, then the dumpster needs to be around the same height as you. Whereas if you plan to use a crane or other machinery to dump a lot of materials inside the dumpster, you may be OK with a really tall unit. 

If you plan to rent a dumpster to complete a construction project, make sure you find an optimized unit before it's dropped off. When you do, you can use this dumpster optimally and not have any regrets later on. Just assess your construction site and needs before making your final selection. Contact a construction site dumpster rental service to learn more.