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3 Advantages Of Using Electric Conduit Benders

If you need to bend conduit pipes, then you have to choose a bending machine. While some people favor manual or mechanical benders, don't forget to look at electric models. These machines have some extra advantages. What are they?

1. More Bend Accuracy

When you make a bend in a conduit pipe, you need to be very precise. If the bend isn't in exactly the right place or isn't exactly the right shape, then the pipe won't work the way you need it to. This can be a difficult process, especially if you're bending rigid materials. It's easy to make a mistake that puts a bend in the wrong place or that may damage the pipe.

While manual and mechanical conduit benders give you some placement help, you still need to use your own judgment to some extent. However, if you use an electric model, the bender does much more of this work for you.

For example, some electric models have advanced programming features and layout calculators so that you can calibrate your bends more accurately. They'll help you make perfect bends more easily.

2. Faster Bending

While mechanical conduit benders produce faster results than manual machines, they can still be slow to use. You also might have to change a bender's shoes to match the material and size of each pipe.

This can be a problem if you need to bend a lot of conduits at once or if you do this kind of job regularly. The longer it takes you to bend a pipe, the longer the overall job will take.

Plus, if you make a lot of bends, then you might get tired after a while. You have to put some effort into this process when you work on thicker or more rigid pipes. You might slow down as you work.

Electric conduit benders work much faster. They take the strain out of bending even the most rigid of materials. If you're working on multiple pipes that need the same bends, then you can program the bender to work automatically. It won't slow down because it is tired.

Plus, electric models can often use their pre-set shoes on different materials. You aren't likely to have to change shoes as often. This also saves you time.

3. Less Wastage

If you misjudge the position of a bend or use too much manual force on a pipe, then you could cause some damage. The pipe might break, at which point you can't use it and will have to start over with a fresh pipe. This increases your wastage costs.

The extra accuracy and automated controls of an electric bender reduce these mistakes. You'll waste fewer pipes, and your wastage costs will reduce.

To get advice on the best machine for your jobs, contact electric conduit benders suppliers.