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Adding Features To Your Structure Without Adding Significant Additional Costs

Commercial structures are often expensive to build, and adding many custom features to the property can drive the construction costs up very quickly. Sometimes using a commercial forming company to provide some features can save money, especially if the features you need are already something the company regularly does. 

Prefab Or Precast

Commercial forming companies often provide value in their product by offering them at lower costs with fast delivery and set up times. They usually already have the product you need prefabricated and ready to be delivered to the building site. 

A storm shelter is a good example, and you can put one made from precast concrete in place very quickly. The contractor on the site only needs to dig a hole with the correct dimensions, and the commercial forming company can set the premade room into place with just a crane.

Because the commercial forming company has already constructed the room with a template or standard design, they can offer these features at a much lower cost than custom building the same items on-site. However, here are some limitations when using a commercial forming company that you need to be aware of. For instance, you may only have a few storm shelter sizes to choose from, so it is vital that you talk with the forming company about what they can offer you.

Walls And Floors

Another way you can save money with commercial forming is to use premade concrete wall sections or a slab that was poured ahead of time and can be set in place on the site. The slab sizes can be limited because of the weight and ability to transport them, but several premade slabs could be combined to create a solid base with the proper preparation.

Some of the wall options can be made from metal or wood or made from concrete and then finished on one side in the material you want, like wood paneling. Additionally, precast walls made from concrete or that are made from other materials offsite and then put in place on the job site are also available. Once they are in place, the contractor can add the finished work inside the structure to complete the panels. 

This kind of construction is often reserved for commercial buildings that need to go up fast and with as much cost savings as possible. While the entire building is not constructed this way, some areas make sense to assemble using preformed products. Talk to your contractor or a commercial preform company about what you need and if they can save you time and money with a templated product ready to fill your needs. Look for a local commercial forming company.