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Using A Flatbed Service To Haul Your Business's Equipment

Flatbed services can be an important tool in helping your business meet its logistical needs. However, there are some small businesses that may be new to using these services for their transportation needs, and this can make it harder for them to incorporate these services into their overall operations.

What Types Of Items Can Be Moved By Flatbed Services?

Individuals will find that flatbed services can be invaluable when they are faced with the need to move extremely large items and equipment that may not be able to fit in semi-trailers or other options. While these services can handle extremely large and heavy items, there are limits to the weight capacity of their trucks. For this reason, you will want to discuss these limits with potential flatbed services to ensure that they will be able to safely and effectively haul the items to your destination.

How Should You Prepare Your Items For These Services?

There are a handful of steps that you should take to prepare any items that you are planning to ship through flatbed services. For example, if you are hauling equipment, you may want to drain it of potentially flammable fluids. This can allow for the equipment to be transported more safely as well as potentially reducing the weight of the equipment. Each flatbed service may have its own recommended steps for preparing items for shipment, and you will need to thoroughly follow these steps to avoid additional fees or unnecessary risk to your items. Depending on the size of the items that you are needing to haul, it may be necessary to have a wide-load escort for these trips. A professional flatbed service will have experience with arranging for these services to be used for the duration of the trip.

Will Your Items Be Insured While Being Hauled?

Whenever items are being shipped over long distances, there can be a risk of the items being involved in an accident due to the actions of other drivers. Making sure that you are protected from the financial liabilities that come with these risks can make it worth hiring a professional flatbed service to handle these items. These providers will have bonding and insurance that will be able to protect you from the brunt of these losses. Furthermore, these services will often allow for their clients to purchase additional coverage, which can further shield them from the costs that could be incurred if their equipment is destroyed during the transit.