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Renting A Crane For Your Next Remodeling Job? 3 Precautionary Steps You Should Take

If you're planning a remodeling project for your home, a crane may make the job go smoother. This is especially true if you're going to be adding a rooftop heating or air conditioning unit to your home. While cranes for personal use can be rented from most equipment rental companies, it's important that you take the appropriate safety precautions before using the crane.

Following safety precautions can keep you safe while you're remodeling your home. Here are several steps you should follow to keep you and those around you safe during crane use.

Make Sure You Wear the Appropriate Attire

When you're operating any type of heavy machinery – including construction cranes, it's important that you wear the appropriate attire. Here is the safety gear you should be wearing before you operate a crane.

  • Steel-toed construction boots – to protect your feet from crushing injuries
  • Leather gloves – that cover your hands and wrists
  • Hardhat – to prevent head injuries
  • Safety goggles – to protect your eyes

Do a Safety Inspection

Even if the crane you've rented is properly maintained, it can still malfunction during operation. Before you start using your crane, be sure you inspect it for obvious defects. The inspection list includes interior and exterior sites. You should repeat the inspection list before each use of the crane.

Interior Inspection Sites

Take a look at the controls inside the cage. These are the controls you'll be using to operate the crane. Each control should have a label permanently affixed to it. The labels should include directional information as well as the name of each control piece.

Now, look around the cage. You should see a fire extinguisher located near the front of the cage. The extinguisher should be easy to reach from the control seat. Finally, inspect the safety harness on the operator's seat. The harness should be in good condition without any signs of fraying or obvious damage.

Exterior Inspection Sites

Walk around the crane. Do a visible inspection of the exterior body. Look at the bolts, tires and tracks. Be sure the tires are properly inflated and that there is no obvious damage to the tracks that operate the crane. Inspect the crane bucket and the armature attached to the crane. The crane should be securely attached to the armature. Finally, be sure that there are no missing or loose bolts.

Stay Firmly Planted on the Ground

Before you begin operating your crane, make sure it is planted firmly on the ground. If the weight of the crane is not distributed evenly, it may tip over on you. The best way to ensure an even distribution of weight is to use a construction level. Place the level on various areas of the crane. If the level shows an uneven distribution of weight, move your crane and then check the level again.

If your home improvement job is going to require lifting heavy machinery, you may want to rent a mobile crane. The tips provided above will help keep you safe while you operate your crane.

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