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Information Needed To Rent A Crane

If you work for a small construction company, and you will be working on a project where you will need to hoist material into the air, you will need to rent a crane to do the job efficiently. If your company does not use a crane regularly, you may have some questions pertaining to renting the right crane to get the job done properly. Here is the information you should gather in advance of calling a crane rental company so they deliver the most appropriate piece of machinery to do the job.

Evaluate The Site Area

Before renting a crane, head over to the job-site to do an assessment of the land around the construction area. You will need to alert the rental company of any overhead tree limbs, electrical wires, low-lying tunnels or other obstructions that may be deemed difficult to get around when they make their delivery. Take pictures of these items as well as the area around them and send to the rental company so they can figure out how they will be able to get the crane to your needed area without sustaining damage in the process.

Know The Magnitude

If you are lifting materials to build a structure, you will need to know an approximate weight of the building materials you will be lifting. Inform the rental service of the height and width of these pieces and let them know what rigging method will be used to secure the pieces before lifting. This will ensure the company provides the proper sized piece of machinery as well as any rigging attachments needed to do the job safely. Send specifications of the pieces you are lifting to the rental so they can match them to the right sized crane for the job.

Gather Permissions

If the crane will be located on a public parcel of land, proper permits may be needed to have the crane delivered and stored in this area. Alert the rental of this so they can contact the authorities within the town to find out what paperwork will need to be filled out to make a delivery. If the crane is going to be delivered from a distance, it may need permits to be transported across state lines or to travel on certain highways. The rental company will need advance notice so they can obtain permits long before the job is to be started. For this reason, call to set up delivery as soon as you are aware you need a crane so the job does not get behind schedule while waiting for permits to be approved.