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Keep Your Landscape Business Growing With Rental Equipment

Landscaping requires a large array of equipment, and not having the proper tools for a job may cause you to lose out on a lucrative opportunity. Garden rentals can be a lifesaver for those one-off jobs or to keep you up and running when your own equipment breaks down.

Garden Bed Building

Most of the time, garden bed building doesn't require any specialized equipment other than shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows and a strong back. Imagine, though, that a new homeowner wants large garden beds cut out of a sizable swath of established lawn. A rented sod cutter will cut the sod into easily removable strips in a minimal amount of time. If the beds are large enough and require soil amendments and mulch in large quantities, you may also need a skid loader to handle those materials quickly and efficiently.

Brush Clearing

If you are offered a job clearing an overgrown parcel of land to create an orchard or other garden spot, you will definitely need chain saws and a wood chipper. A mini excavator with a grading blade will remove most small- to medium-sized tree and shrub roots and push them into a pile for pickup; it will also be useful for leveling the ground.

Building Brick and Stone Walls

Brick and stone walls need a foundation footing of concrete poured into a trench. A rented trencher can make short work of that job and save you considerable money over paying laborers to dig the trenches manually. A forklift moves heavy palleted materials, such as bricks, stones, or mortar within easy reach of your workers, saving you time and preventing injuries from hand-carrying heavy loads.

Replacement Tools

Landscaping and yard maintenance tools get heavy use and often break down or wear out at the least opportune time. Even missing something as simple as a blower, edger, or hedge trimmer can cause a major inconvenience if you need them on a daily basis. Sometimes, you may not have the money to replace the tool you need immediately. Renting them on a temporary basis until you can replace them keeps your business going and your customers happy.

Renting landscaping equipment is a sensible and economical way to make sure you can perform the jobs your customers want without having to purchase expensive and rarely used tools. Contact your local landscape equipment rental business today so you will know what is available when the need arises.